Onelogin How to Login

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To access the Onelgin service you can visit and click login or go to

You will be required to enter your PAU Username: PAU email name (before the @) along with your password. Notice, if you need additional instructions, forgot your password, or need additional help links have been provided.


During your first login you will be prompted to setup your security questions. This will be used to reset your password in case you get locked out of your account or forget your password.


Once logged in to your account you will see the applications that have been delegated to your account. These applications can be accessed by clicking on the icon to launch the cloud based service. By default all PAU Faculty, Staff, Students, and alumni will have access to MyPAU, PAU Email, PAU Hotline, and PAU Office 365. 


As new applications become available we will continue to add them to the App Home page. *We will continue to integrate additional software packages in the upcoming months such as Library services, Pearson, Qualtrics, etc...






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