Onelogin Password Recovery Requests

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Your Password is set to expire every 6 months, we recommend that you change your password more frequently than that if possible.

Password Recovery may be necessary for two reasons: you've forgotten your password or your password has expired and you can no longer log in.


In either case, if have not set up your security questions for password recovery then you will need to e-mail us at

When sending a password reset request, please provide your full First and Last name to help speed up the process.

Also, many students have their PAU e-mail password saved across multiple devices, which provide temporary access to their e-mails. We advise you do not send your request with this e-mail. You will not be able to retrieve the newly reset password. Please send password reset requests with an alternate e-mail address.

Always remember: Your OneLogin password is the same for all your PAU Portals: the library, Pearson, PAU e-mail etc.

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