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PAU has a new EASY to use video recording system called TechSmith Relay.  Here's an overview video https://youtu.be/TRSoKMXprpQ.

You can now:
  • Video record from home, office or anywhere!
  • Record your computer screen
  • Record with your smartphone or tablet
  • Record yourself
  • Add quizzes 
  • Easily make it available to students 
To use TechSmith Relay, go to https://pau.techsmithrelay.com, click Sign In, click g+Google, sign in with your PAU email (e.g., jdoe@paloaltou.edu) and password. After you sign in, click Create, and then click Download Recorders.  Please watch the video tutorials to help you get started https://www.techsmith.com/tutorial-techsmith-relay.html.

TechSmith Relay Support is available M-F 5AM to 4PM PST Phone 888-750-0686 (International +1 517-381-2300 extension 703) Online https://support.techsmith.com/hc/en-us/requests/new.  You can also contact me for help.  

One of the best ways to use video is to prerecord lectures and have your student's watch them before class so you'll have more time for class activities and discussions.  It’s best to create several short 5-15 minute recordings and add quiz questions to reinforce key points instead of one long lecture.  
Here are a few benefits of video recording your lectures:
  • More time for class activities and discussions
  • More time to help students in class 
  • Increased understanding of difficult concepts 
  • Less emails from students
  • Higher student test scores
More resources are available from the Academic Technology Wiki page https://wiki.paloaltou.edu/index.php/Academic_Technology#Resources.

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