How to print with PaperCut from any computer

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It’s a good idea to install Google Chrome and install the OneLogin Extension before using PaperCut

1.) Sign in to Onelogin and select the PaperCut application

  • If needed, download and install the Onelogin browser extension (Google Chrome is tested and recommended)

2.) Select PaperCut MF and log in again if needed.

3.) Select Web Print from the menu on the left

4.) Select “Submit a Job” on the upper right side of the page

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: If this is your first time, you will need to select “Do not prompt me again” see screenshot below:


5.) Select virtual printer

  • papercut\DUPLEX for two-sided printing
  • papercut\Find ME for one sided printing
  • grayscale printing is $0.10, color prints cost $0.25

6.) Select the “Print Options and Account Selection” button

7.) Select the number of copies you need then “Upload Documents”

8.) Select the file you want to print or drag them into the window then the “Upload and Complete” button

9.) Your print job can be retrieved at any PaperCut enabled printer at PAU

Printer Locations:

  1. Building 1 (lobby)
  2. Building 3 (Library)
  3. Building 3 (Third Floor, outside faculty offices)
  4. Clinic (Workroom, C22)
  5. Clinic (Student Lounge, C10)

10.) To cancel or remove a document from printing, select “Jobs Pending Release” from the menu on the left and cancel the job



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