TA/RA Copy Card Policy and Usage

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Faculty members can request a copy card for their TAs/RAs by submitting a request to support@paloaltou.edu. Only one of each card can be requested per faculty member.


When the Copy Card is not being used, it must be collected and stored with the Faculty member. The Copy Card is not to remain with the TA/RA.


The Copy Card does not allow for PaperCut Uploads to be printed. If a print job is necessary, the Faculty member should provide a single hard copy that the TA/RA would then make multiple copies of.


If absolutely necessary, the TA/RA can print from the copiers by using a thumb drive. To do this, move the document to a thumb drive, insert it into the copier, select the desired document and print.


If you have any questions or concerns you can always reach out to support@paloaltou.edu for assistance.

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